Each family must include only one Summary Form and one Submission Checklist in their Registration Envelope.

Please follow the steps carefully so your registration packet will be complete.  Registration packets submitted incompletely or incorrectly will not be processed until corrected and the girl will not be admitted to camp.  Follow the Submission Checklist and you should be good to go. Only correctly submitted registrations will be entered and confirmed into the camp registration database.

For detailed, step by step instructions on how to register, go the Registration pull down menu and select who you are trying to register.

Campers of full-time volunteers will receive priority for attending camp. Campers of part-time volunteers will receive the second priority. The remaining camper positions will be filled on a “first come, first served basis” as adult leadership becomes available. The sooner you register, the better your chances of attending Twilight Camp! We accept girls into camp based on the date their registration is complete. Complete is defined as both the online and mail in portions are submitted correctly.

If you are having trouble downloading any of these forms, email us requesting which forms you need and we will email them back to you directly.


Registration general information