Can I use cookie coupons or cookie dough to pay for camp?
We love taking cookie dough (aka product sales incentive certifications or cookie coupons) for Twilight Camp payment. We can only accept coupons with an expiration date of 4/30/20 (earned during the 2019 cookie sale.) We cannot take coupons that expire in any other year.

If you do NOT have your coupons when registering, you MUST pay for the full camper fee and then you will be reimbursed when we receive your coupons by July 1, 2019.

If you are using all the remaining cookie dough on the certificate, include your certificate with your Registration Summary form in the envelope with payment. When you write out your check, pay the difference. Example: $70 Camper fee – $50 in cookie dough = $20 remaining to be paid by check.

Should I hold my registration till I get the cookie dough?
No, get your registration in ASAP. Remember, if the camper does not have an adult volunteering, then we admit them based on the day we received their full registration packet (online and mail.) Depending on when your troop hands out cookie rewards, you might not get the cookie dough until early June.


Using cookie coupons/dough