If I volunteer at camp, will I be guaranteed to be placed in my daughter’s unit?
On the Twilight Camp supplemental online registration form you have four choices:

  1. “In my daughter’s unit. If I don’t get placed with my daughter, I will not volunteer at camp.” 
    • Your daughter would lose the guaranteed admission to camp if we cannot place you with her.
  2. “I must be with my daughter but she may not be placed with her friends as requested.”
    • She will be with you in the unit you are assigned to but she may not be with the friends she requested on her registration form.
  3. “Preferably in my daughter’s unit.”
    • We will try and place you with her but we may not be able to.
  4. “Not in my daughter’s unit.”
    • This is a fun way to give your daughter an independent camp experience with you nearby.  A great way to get ready for Camp Scherman!
Adult volunteer placement with daughter