The adult volunteer role at Twilight Camp is pretty straightforward and a lot of fun. 2-3 adults are responsible for a group of 9-12 girls during camp including 2 middle and/or high school girls leading the unit. During camp, the unit will participate in a variety of activities at stations and in the unit.

Adults are primarily responsible for:

  1. Not losing any children.
  2. Following and implementing the Covid-19 adaptations we need to follow this summer.
  3. Bringing any first aide needs up to our first aide station at head quarters.
  4. Checking in and out campers at the beginning and end of camp.
  5. Taking campers to the restroom.
  6. Helping the girls get the most out of their day camp experience by helping them as needed.
  7. Having fun yourself 😊

We provid

  1. Training prior to camp.
  2. An extensive section of volunteer resources on our website.

We have many adults who volunteer year and after year. They enjoy watching their daughters grow into leadership roles, getting outdoors and spending time with their daughters. Many memories are made that last for years and years.

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What do adults volunteering at camp do?