Can I use Cookie Dough/OC Bucks/Juliette Dollars to pay for camp?

New Reimbursement Procedure (5/10/22)

  1. Girl Scout members wishing to use Cookie Dough, OC Bucks or Juliette Dollars for day camp must pay in full for the day camp they are attending through the GSOC Registration system. (Doubleknot)
  2. Girl Scout member will submit the Day Camp receipt of payment and the actual or copy of the cookie dough, OC Buck or Juliette Dollar to the Camp Director for reimbursement. Twilight Camp will post here, prior to the start of camp, when and how we want to collect your information.
  3. The camp director will collect all reimbursement forms and make sure that the Girl Scout has attended their Day Camp.
  4. Twilight Camp’s Business Manager will complete the submission process to GSOC.
  5. Once GSOC reimburses Twilight Camp, our Business Manager will contact you regarding reimbursing you.

Using Cookie Dough/OC Bucks/Juliette Dollars