1. Aardvark Song, The (video)
  2. Alice (video)
  3. Alive Awake Alert Enthusiastic (video)
  4. Alligator Song (video)
  5. An Austrian Went Yodeling
  6. Animal Fair, The
  7. Announcements
  8. Astronaut Song, The
  9. Baby Bumble Bee
  10. Baby Shark
  11. Bananas, Coconuts and Grapes
  12. Barges (video)
  13. Bazooka Bubble Gum (video)
  14. Bean Song (video)
  15. Bear Song, The (aka The Other Day) (video)
  16. Beaver Song (video)
  17. Bicycle Built for Two
  18. *Big Buffalo (video)record new video
  19. Black Socks (video)
  20. Blowin’ In the Wind (video)
  21. Bo Diddley Bop (video) – record new video
  22. *BoogaLoo (video)
  23. Boom Chicka Boom (video)
  24. Boom De Yada (aka I Love the Mountains) (video)
  25. Brownie Smile Song, The (video)
  26. Buffalo (as a song) (video)
  27. Buffalo (as a game) (video)
  28. Buffalo Song (video)
  29. Bug Juice
  30. Bungalow
  31. Button Factory (aka My Name is Vi) (video)
  32. C for Chemistry (sung to G for Generosity)
  33. Calamine Lotion
  34. California, Here I Come
  35. Can a Girl Scout?
  36. *Can You Iggle? (video)
  37. Canadian Taps (video)
  38. Candy Man, The
  39. Candyland (video)
  40. Canoe Song (video)where to break for rounds
  41. Cheech a Cha Cha (video)
  42. Chiquita Bananas Unite – need to load Maple video
  43. Chocolate Chip Cookies (video sort of)
  44. *Chuga Chuga (video)
  45. Circus Song
  46. Coca Cola (video)
  47. *Coming of the Frogs (video)
  48. Crocodile Song
  49. Da Bear
  50. Da Moose (video)
  51. Daisy On My Toe (video)
  52. Desperado (video)
  53. Ding Dong
  54. Do Your Ears Hang Low?
  55. Donkey Riding
  56. Donut Song (video)
  57. Do-Re-Mi from the Sound of Music
  58. Do-Re-Mi Star Wars Style
  59. Duck Rover (video)
  60. *Early in the Morning
  61. Echa Kootcha (aka Eddie Kootcha Katchanary) (video)
  62. Fast Food Song
  63. Flea! (video)
  64. Flicker of the Campfire (video)
  65. Forty Years On an Iceberg (video)
  66. Found a Peanut (video)
  67. Frankenstein
  68. Fred the Moose (video)
  69. Froggie (cat, dog, froggie…)
  70. From Coast to Coast
  71. Funky Chicken, The
  72. G for Generosity (video)
  73. *Geoduck
  74. Georgie (video)
  75. Girl Scout Smile Song (variation of Brownie Smile Song)
  76. Girl Scout Spirit
  77. Girl Scout Spirit Science Style
  78. Girl Scouts Together (video)
  79. God Bless My Underwear (video)
  80. Going On a Bear Hunt
  81. Going to Kentucky (video)
  82. Going to Kentucky Space Version
  83. Going to the Zoo (video)
  84. Green Trees
  85. Grey Squirrel (video)
  86. Growing Up Girl Scouts (sung to Brownie Smile Song)
  87. Head and Shoulders (video)
  88. Hercules
  89. Here We Go Around the World Centers
  90. Hermie the Worm (video)
  91. Hippopotamus Song, The
  92. Hurray for Girl Scouts (video)
  93. I Know a Place
  94. I Wish I Were a Little Bar of Soap
  95. If All the Raindrops (video)
  96. *If I Were Not a Girl Scout
  97. If You’re Happy and You Know It
  98. I’m a Little Piece of Tin (video)
  99. I’m a Nut (video)
  100. It’s Cheese That Makes the World Go ‘Round (Rolling Over the Ocean) (video)
  101. Jaws (Doot doot) (video)
  102. Jaws (sung to Do Re Mi)
  103. Jaybird Song
  104. Kookaburra
  105. Kum Ba Ya (Camp Style)
  106. Lean On Me
  107. Leaving on a Jet Plane
  108. Lion Hunt
  109. Little Green Froggy (gunk, gunk) (video)
  110. Little Red Wagon
  111. Make New Friends (video)
  112. Me and My Dinosaur (aka The Dinosaur Song) (video)
  113. Milk Song, The
  114. Miss Lucy
  115. Mother Gooney Bird
  116. Mother O’Leary
  117. My Aunt Came Back
  118. My Reindeer Flies Sideways
  119. Noble Duke of York
  120. Noble Captain Kirk
  121. On My Honor (video)
  122. On the Good Ship Lollipop (video)
  123. On the Loose
  124. On Top of Spaghetti (video)
  125. Once a Girl Scout Went to Camp (video)
  126. Pass It On (Scouting version) (video)
  127. Peanut Butter and Jelly
  128. Penguin Song, The
  129. Percy the Pale Faced Polar Bear (video)
  130. Pirate Song (video)
  131. *Pink Pajamas (video)
  132. Popcorn Man (game)
  133. Princess Pat (video)
  134. *Prune Song
  135. Puff the Magic Dragon
  136. *Ravioli (video)
  137. Rare Bog
  138. Ring Around the Rosie
  139. *Rise Up Oh Flame (video)
  140. Rocket Song (sung to Beaver Song)
  141. Ronald McDonald
  142. Running Bear
  143. Sarasponda (video)
  144. Say When (video)
  145. Scout Vespers (video)
  146. Shake a Friends Hand
  147. *She’ll be Comin’ Round the Mountain
  148. Shimmy- Shimmy – Shake!
  149. Singing In the Rain (aka Cheecha Cha Cha) (video)
  150. Sippin Cider
  151. Skunk Lullaby, The (aka The Stars at Night)
  152. Snap, Crackle, Pop!
  153. Solar System
  154. Star Trek (video)
  155. Super California Surfers (video)
  156. Super Lizard (video)
  157. Supercalifragilisticexpiadocious!
  158. Swinging Along (video)
  159. *Take Me Out to Girl Scout Camp
  160. Take Me Out to the Ball Game
  161. Take Me Out to the Circus
  162. Taps
  163. Tarzan
  164. *Tennessee Wiggle Walk (video)
  165. There’s No business like Show Business – Annie get your Gun
  166. This Land Is Your Land
  167. Three Bears Song (video)
  168. Three Short Necked Buzzards (video)
  169. *Thunderation (video)
  170. *Tiny Tim (I Had a Little Turtle) (video)
  171. Tomorrow (Annie)
  172. Tony Chestnut (video)
  173. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  174. Waddle Ee Ocha
  175. Way Up In the Sky (aka The Birdie Song) (video)
  176. We Are Family
  177. We Change the World (video)
  178. We Come from the Mountains (video)
  179. Weenie Man (video)
  180. Wells Fargo Wagon from Music Man
  181. What Did Delaware?
  182. *When E’er You Make a Promise
  183. White Sand and Gray Sand (video)
  184. Winds a Blowing, The
  185. Yes, She Can
  186. *Yogi Bear
  187. You Are My Sunshine
  188. Zulu Warrior (video)

* Songs not included in any camp songbooks 2001-2018
Some songs have been left off this website due to copyright restrictions.