Because we are not trading swaps in person this year, we have changed how many we are making.

Quantity: Each participant will submit in groups of 55 swaps of the same design and will receive back 50 swaps. The 5 extra swaps will be used to replace those broken in the mail or during drop off.

What is a participant?

  • A person who sends in 55 swaps.
  • If sisters want to participate, we strongly encourage each of them to make their own design. Each girl would send in 55 swaps. Please bag separately in the package.
  • If a troop is making 55 of the same swap, then the troop is one participant.
  • If a girl wants even more swaps to remember this year’s Twilight Camp, she should make them in multiples of 55. Each set should be bagged separately but can be shipped/delivered in the same package. She can either make all 110 the same or make two different sets. We cannot guarantee she will receive back 100 different swaps since we don’t know how many people are participating.

Swap tip: Buy your safety pins early! People who wait till the week before camp starts can’t find any safety pins in the entire town of Tustin. Check your local Dollar style stores. The often have safety pins in packs of 100 for a great price. Another great source is a dry cleaner’s supply place. This is where the camp director has purchased them for years. Click here.

Remember, swaps are not expensive creations – they are a token of friendship exchanged between the camp participants.