This is a very simple banner to hold your 2020 swaps collection. The above photo is made with a 9×12″ felt rectangle as a demo model. This demo model with hold approximately 20 swaps.

Please read through ALL instructions before purchasing your supplies.


  • 1/4″ or thicker dowel or sturdy stick. You could also use a paint stirring stick for your rod.
  • A piece of material such as felt or fleece. Solids are better than prints.
  • Piece of string or yarn to hang your banner.
  • Hot glue gun or sewing supplies (needle and thread to complement fabric).


Arrange your swaps within a rectangular space on a table top. Measure out how much space they take. Keep in mind when purchasing fabric that felt off the bolt is 72″ wide, and fleece is 58″ wide, and the minimum cut at most fabric/craft stores is around 9″ (1/4 yard) usually. Make sure you leave enough empty fabric at the top to wrap around your rod. 4-6″ is probably enough. Once you have figured out your layout, you know how much fabric you need to purchase and are ready to go to the store.

You will need to find/purchase a rod that is as wide as your layout plus 2-4″. The wider your layout and/or the heavier your swap collection, the sturdier your rod will have to be. If your collection fits onto a letter sheet size piece of felt, then a 1/4″ dowel should do just fine.

Measure out how much fabric you need to form a pocket for the rod to slide into. Wrap the top edge of your fabric around your rod and mark how much fabric it takes. Add 1-2″

Cut your fabric to the size that fits your initial layout, plus what it will take to wrap around your rod and leave enough for a hem for sewing/gluing.

If you are sewing, you will need less fabric for the hem. The above hem was sewn a bit on the short side. It is better to leave at least 1/4″. The hem could be sewn on a sewing machine or by hand with a running stitch.

If you are going to hot glue the hem down to form the rod’s pocket, be aware that the hot glue will probably bleed through to the other side and not look very nice. You can probably cover up the bleed through by pinning your swaps on top of it to cover.

To create a hanger with your string or yarn, lay out your completed banner on the table. Take your string and tie it to the rod on one side where it sticks out and then form a triangle to a pretend hanging hook and then back down to the other end of the rod. Tie the string to the rod. You might want to take a pocket knife and carve a notch/groove on each end of the rod so the string does not slide off.

Pin all your swaps and then hang your banner up to proudly display all your 2020 Girl Scout Tustin Twilight Camp swaps!