2016: Celebrating Our National Parks

Sage green t-shirt

Passport Book


  • Crafts: Wind Spinner, Wind Sock
  • Games: Sharks & Minnows variation
  • Speaker: Campfire Songs, Ken Frawley
  • 3 Keys: Flag Etiquette
  • Songs:


  • Crafts: Clay beads, plaster of paris
  • Games: Visiting the National Parks obstacle course
  • Speaker: Animals you find in the National Parks
  • 3 Keys: Sleeping bag relay; knife knowledge
  • Songs:


  • Crafts: Sew your own Teddy Bear
  • Games: Balloon/Clothespin tag; food chain
  • Speaker: Smokey the Bear, US Forest Service Speaker
  • 3 Keys: Birthday cards; Camping Kim’s game
  • Songs:


  • Crafts: Feather hair accessory; bead necklace
  • Games: Water day – fill the geyser relay
  • Speaker: Star Gazing stories, Rebecca Martin
  • 3 Keys: Edible Fire
  • Songs: