The idea of SWAPS started at the original National Roundup Conferences. At that time a “S.W.A.P.” was a little remembrance that one Girl Scout gave to another. It’s a great way for girls to meet other girls outside of their unit/troop/Service Unit/ Community and make new friends. For this reason you usually attach your name or troop number.  You could even add a parent email in case girls would like to be email pen pals.

SWAPS can be simple or complex, cheap or expensive, whatever the maker desires. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on SWAPS. Many people make them out of scraps or natural materials. SWAPS are made with pins attached so they can be pinned onto the camp hat. SWAPS are little things that girls and leaders make to trade with each other at camp outs or large events.

At Twilight Camp everybody participates – Campers, Youth Staff and Adults!!!

  • Each camper should decide how many SWAPS she wants to trade.
    • We will have about 150-200 people at camp this year.
    • Please click here to go to our recommendations for how many to make this year!
  • SWAPS are usually only an inch or two in size.
  • Please do not use any food or candy in your swaps!
  • SWAPS should be created with a safety pin attached.
  • Many swaps relate to the camp theme each year!

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