2014: Girl Scouts in the Spotlight (Muscial Theatre)

Black t-shirt


  • Crafts: Making instruments (tamborines, harmonics, rain sticks)
  • Games: Costume relay
  • Speaker: Theater warm ups, Georgeen Whitney
  • 3 Keys: Dog bracelets and key chains
  • Songs: Tomorrow (Annie)


  • Crafts: Puppets (flip flops, socks, marionettes)
  • Games: Cat & Mouse (Music Man) & Alliance and Hordes (West Side Story)
  • Speaker: Theatre make up, Sharon Mayer
  • 3 Keys: Charades
  • Songs: Do Re Mi (Sound of Music)


  • Crafts: Charade game in decorated boxes
  • Games: Set design box building relay
  • Speaker: Instant Improv
  • 3 Keys: Sound effects
  • Songs: No Business Like Show Business (Anne Get Your Gun)


  • Crafts: DA Masks, BR & JR Flip flop decorating
  • Games: Captain hook water game
  • Speaker: Making music, Jim Kollias
  • 3 Keys: Seed balls, Irvine Ranch Conservancy
  • Songs: Wells Fargo Wagon (Music Man0